FREE PRINTABLE Teachers Appreciate Week seed tags (and baby shower favor tags)

>> Monday, May 5, 2014

I am super, in-over-my-head busy these days so this will be a quick, quick, quick no-nonsense post to provide you with a few freebies.

Attach these sweet little tags to seed packets for the perfect teacher appreciate week gift!  I wrapped mine in vellum and tied some twine around them, but you could do whatever you'd like!

Click here to download the "Teachers help children bloom" tags.

I originally used these as favors for a baby shower/farewell party last week and used tags that said "May good things grow."  I loved this because it fit the baby shower and the farewell theme perfectly!  I've added two free printable versions of this tag . . . one in the original gray stripes and aqua and one in a pink blooms design.

Click here to download the "May good things grow" striped tags.

Click here to download the "May good things grow" pink blooms tags.


Frozen birthday party invitation

>> Sunday, March 23, 2014

I don't work with character art in any of  my designing, but I can normally work within the style of any given theme.  So, when my niece decided on a Frozen-themed birthday party, I came up with this invitation:


Cue the confetti for 2nd birthday party ideas!

>> Friday, February 28, 2014

My daughter's birthday is the day after Christmas.  Last year we tried to have a party ON her actual birthday, but we were all very sick and had to postpone it.  Even if we hadn't been sick, we discovered that throwing a party on the day after Christmas is difficult and stressful.

So this year, we waited until February, and I'm so glad we did.  I didn't really have a theme, but we used confetti and flowers for decorating.  The invitation had a chalkboard look to it.  It's one of my favorites!

I used a photo of Claire on the back.  Yes, she is putting a gummy bear into her mouth . . . they really are the best bribe for getting kids to look at the camera.

I included confetti that I punched out of gold and pink tissue paper in each envelope, and then used the rest of it on the tables. 

We catered the dinner through Qdoba and I kept the party decorations super simple because it's been a somewhat stressful winter for us and I'm pregnant with my fourth child . . . I just wasn't up to anything spectacular! I used pink carnations in glass lanterns with the confetti scattered around each bouquet.  Super simple and easy.  It would have been super cheap, too, had I not ordered them for delivery on Valentine's Day!

Side note: Carnations are so underrated.  I worked at a florist for two years in high school, and no one every wanted to give or send carnations because they were considered the "cheap" flower.  But I LOVE them.  There are no thorns to deal with, they last for weeks and weeks, they have a pleasant scent, they come in really vibrant colors and they're inexpensive.  What's not to love?  They make beautiful round boquets and they're tied with tulips for my favorite flower.  Anyway . . . 

I didn't set the table like I usually do, because the pink plates I bought kind of clashed so I thought they'd do better on the buffet table.  Oh, well.  I liked the clean look of the tables, anyway.

The dessert table just had cake, ice cream and cotton candy party favors with printable thank you tags.

I think my favorite part of the party decor was this sign, hand drawn by my friend Julie at Blue Heaven Signworks. I sent her details on Claire at 2 years old and she turned it into this masterpiece:

Overall, it was a very simple party, but one of my favorites because of how relaxed it was.

Oh, and here's one of the birthday girl!

Side note: she received those sandals as a gift that day . . . we don't normally let her out of the house in sandals WITH socks on 10 degree days.  Or ever.

OH!  And water bottle labels.  I didn't take a single picture of the water bottles, but matching printable labels are available here.  Click here!


Arrrgh! Ben's pirate birthday party!

>> Monday, February 17, 2014

Here are a few pictures from my 4-year-old's pirate birthday party!  You can get all of the printable items in my shop right here.

The invitations are available as printed cards or a printable file.

We served hot dogs (turned into pirate ships), jello and oranges (also turned into pirate ships).  We added "pirate jewels" (grapes), "fish and chips" (potato chips and goldfish) and more!  I turned down the tops of large paper grocery bags to hold a few of the treats.  I used cut vynil to label our food table as "grub and grog".  It was removable, so it came off clean and didn't leave a mark!  I added a matching bunting banner to make it a little more festive.

Everything was labeled with the printable tag package that you can find in my shop.


On the tables, I used Meri Meri pirate ships as centerpieces.  I set them on top of more fish net and more starfish.    We used rolos as our "pirate gold" favors. 

I found the toppers for the cupcakes at Target on clearance.  I so badly wanted to avoid the "skull and crossbones" but it's hard to do when looking for pirate decor.  The printable bunting over the dessert table can be found here.  I rolled down brown paper bags for candy to give it more of a "pirate" look.  The pirate treasure chests were my boys, and I filled them with ring pops and spray painted a simple "X" from Michaels red for "X marks the spot."  I used a red table cloth, with brown paper and lots of cheap fish net.  I also used starfish as a nice "nautical" touch.


I filled a second treasure chest with plastic gold coins and added another "X" on the gift table.  WIth more fish net and starfish, of course.

 For beverages, we served "sea water" and sweet tea.

For the kids, we filled a pool with sand and buried "treasure" for them to put in their loot bags.


After that, we made them "walk the plank" before heading in to swing at a pirate hat pinata!

All of the printable decor you see here can be found in my shop!


Toothbrush Valentine {Free Printable}

>> Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On Monday morning, I showed my 4-year-old the valentine that I designed for his brother when he was in preschool.  He was not impressed.

"I want to give toothbrush valentines, Mom."

Um . . . say what?

"I want to give my friends a toothbrush for a valentine."

Challenge accepted.

I found bulk packs of toothbrushes at Target for a reasonable price.  Check.  But what on earth should the valentines say?

We narrowed it down to either, "You take my breath away" or "You brighten up my smile."  After a vote on Facebook, we decided on the latter.

I've made the tags available as a free download.  Just download the file and print it front and back (they line up nicely).  The back side has an editable field that allows you to type your own message.  Or, you can delete the text so that your child can write in his or her own name.

Click here to download the free printable file!


Coming up this week . . .

>> Sunday, February 2, 2014

I had an opportunity to contribute to a special deal on a bundle of printables designed just for planning, organizing and home management (and fun extras, too . . . that's where I came in).   It’s available for purchase this Friday, February 7, right here on my blog.  Mark your calender and check back on Friday after 8 AM to take advantage of this special deal. You don’t want to miss this bundle, because it will be available for one week and then will be gone FOREVER.


Valentine's Day ideas from Less Ordinary Designs

>> Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!  I have several free printables from the last few years listed here

If you're looking for something different, check out the Valentine's Day options in my shop.  I have photo cards, kids' valentines, photo cards, favor bags, washi tape, straws and more!

My instant download valentines are so popular and perfect for those of us who like to wait until the last minute!  There's no waiting for customization or delivery . . . as soon as you make your purchase, it's ready to download.  The signature fields are editable, so you just click and type the sender's name.

If you're wanting to send a Valentine's Day treat to school with your kids, I also have instant download treat bag toppers.  Just download, type the signature, print and assemble.  It's fast and easy.


Free Halloween Printable: Smell My Feet Teacher Gift

>> Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Friends . . . I will always, ALWAYS wait until the last minute to figure out what to do for teachers' gifts.  I have the very best of intentions to have it all figured out ahead of time.  Still, I find myself in the same place every year.  My preschooler's Halloween party was today, and I printed these out last night at 11 PM.  Then I dropped him off at 9 and ran to the store to buy the things I wanted to tie them to.  Sigh.

The good news is that if you're like me and wait until the last minute, I've got you covered.

These free printable tags can be tied to foot lotion, a pumice stone, nail polish . . . whatever you'd like (or better yet, whatever you can find on sale).  Just print, trim and attach.  Easy Peasy.

I was in a rush assembling these on the floor of the preschool and made it JUST on time for the party.  Where I went on to realize that my shirt was on backwards.  Three stores.  Half of the Halloween Party.  Shirt on backwards.  But that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, I printed them on orange card stock to give them the "Halloween" feel.  Also, because I was out of white.  Remember?  This was last minute.  My cheap home printer worked beautifully, but you could take them to a copy shop if you felt so inclined.

The download is completely free and is available for download through my Facebook page.

Not on Facebook?  Here's a shortcut.


First Day of School - Free Printable

>> Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I posted a picture of my son holding one of these "first day of school" signs on Facebook last year and . . . WOW!  The feedback was overwhelming, so I decided to share.

Here's the photo from last year:

I've updated them and made a 2013 printable version.  You can download them on my facebook page.

Already started school?  Just go ahead and recreate your first day of school using one of these signs!  I'll never tell.


Jack's Superhero / comic book birthay party

>> Saturday, March 16, 2013

My oldest turned 5 last June.

That's right . . . almost a year ago.  I'm a little behind.

He wanted a super hero birthday, and I was happy to oblige.  Though, as we were planning, it morphed into a superhero/comic book themed party.

You can see a few of the items from this party available in the shop here.  Admittedly, the photos aren't the best.  I snapped most of them with my phone as guests were arriving.

All of the kids made their own capes . . . I purchased kits from an etsy seller who is no longer in business.  Each kit came with a satin cape, their initial, an initial backer and lots of felt stickies to decorate with.  Once they were done decorating, we didn't really see much of the kids until it was time to open gifts.  They ran in circles playing "super hero" and were thoroughly entertained!


This particular seller also sent pre-assembled capes for our littlest guests!


I think my favorite parts of the entire party were the speech and action bubble cupcake toppers.  They were super easy to print and cut out.  They're available for purchase in the shop.  The three speech bubble designs are editable and can be customized by you with your desired names/text.

 The large speech bubbles and cityscape background are also available for purchase.  They're so easy to print and display and they look so great!

Besides the capes, we had ring POPS and sour PUNCH straws for guests to take home.

We used the cityscape and speech bubbles over the lunch buffet, too.

I was struggling to come up with an idea for the tables and the night before the party, I had the idea to make each table look like a "cape" with a different colored table cloth.  I printed out different super hero logos (enlarged from my super hero valentine graphics) to put in the center  We were really happy with how it turned out and how cheap and easy it was!

I've made the table toppers available for FREE download!  Print them off and use them on tables or in any way you'd like at your next party.  Just click here to download them.


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